Midwifery Programs in Utah

Midwifery School in Utah - UT

The occupation of midwifery is an ancient one: from ancient Egypt, to the Roman Empire, to medieval Europe, midwives have been considered essential aides in the process of giving birth. After a temporary decline in interest, the profession of midwifery has undergone a resurgence of interest in recent years as women look for a health professional who will help them have a more holistic pregnancy and birth experience. Indeed, modern-day midwives do a great deal more than attend births. Midwives today are health professionals who work with women throughout the childbearing process, from pregnancy to postnatal care, in order to ensure a healthy birth. Although some midwives do focus on natural births, many midwives prescribe medication and utilize other modern medical practices. Likewise, midwives don’t simply attend home births: increasingly, they are employed by hospitals and birth centers in response to patient demand.

Like many states, Utah requires midwives to complete a specialized program of professional education and training. There are not many midwifery schools in Utah, but the ones that exist are excellent. Midwifery programs often cover topics like prenatal nutrition, infant care, postpartum psychology, and physiology. A growing number of programs also offer apprenticeships and other opportunities for clinical learning experience.
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