MRI Technician Schools Utah

MRI Tech School in Utah

There is a wide variety among Utah MRI technician schools. Programs throughout the sate vary in price, length, and requirements. An aspiring MRI technician will be able to find an MRI tech school in Utah with a program anywhere on the spectrum, costing from $430 to $12,300 and lasting anywhere from 8 weeks to 12 months. Some schools have online programs that can be completed at the student’s convenience, while others emphasize face-to-face classroom learning. Some of the programs feature baccalaureate degrees, and others certificates of completion and continuing education. With such a wide variety to choose from, students are encouraged to research different programs and do what works for them.

In order to become certified as an MRI tech in Utah, you must do the following:

  • Complete a program in radiography, sonography, nuclear medicine, or radiation therapy
  • Pass the certification exam in your field
  • Log on-the-job experience and training in MRI
  • Complete an educational program specifically for MRI

It is difficult, but not impossible, for a radiologist to complete MRI tech certification with on-the-job training in lieu of an educational program. However, this is not recommended, as the complexity of MRI equipment can be overwhelming and frustrating without formal training.

Most professional institutions will choose a certified MRI tech over a non-certified one. Certification distinguishes a tech as being competent and knowledgeable in his or her field. In the state of Utah, however, this is a given, as MRI techs are required to be licensed before they begin practicing in their field.
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