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Utah Healthcare Informatics Salary - UT

There are many factors impacting nurse informatics salary in Utah, such as education, work experience, employment growth rates, and geographic location. Although there are numerous degree, certificate, and diploma options for nurse informatics, individuals that continue to acquire higher levels of formal education will likely benefit from superior salary earning potentials. Likewise, individuals that continue to aggressively focus on gaining work experience in the nurse informatics field will also likely be awarded with increasingly higher salaries. Another factor that is influencing Utah nursing informatics salary is the current 20% boost in employment growth rates nationwide.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that this employment growth will continue until at least 2018. Not only does this growth signal an influx of job openings both nationally and locally, but is expected to alter nurse informatics salary averages as a result. Finally, geographic location plays an important role in determining nurse informatics salaries in Utah. Although across Utah nurse informatics are earning approximately $60,000 annually, salary averages definitely vary between cities:

Salt Lake City:  $55,000/yr
West Valley:  $55,000/yr
Provo:   $48,000/yr
Sandy:  $54,000/yr
Orem:  $47,000/yr

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