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Average Salary for a Personal Trainer in Utah - UT

Personal Trainer Salaries in Utah

The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that there were 2,010 personal trainers in the state in 2008.
The average salary for these trainers was $43,000 statewide. Salaries are fairly uniform across the state but, not surprisingly, salaries in resort towns like Park City are quite bit higher.

Salaries for personal trainers (according to indeed.com) in the major cities of Utah are as follows:

- Park City, Utah personal trainer salary - $40,000
- Provo, Utah personal trainer salary - $35,000
- Salt Lake City, Utah personal trainer salary - $39,000
- Sandy, Utah personal trainer salary - $38,000
- West Jordan, Utah personal trainer salary - $38,000
- West Valley City, Utah personal trainer salary -  $39,000

Utah Personal Trainers in the Military

Utah has one Air Force base with over 4,000 personnel as well as two army bases. There are also over 13,000 reservists in the state.
For this population, personal training may be an excellent next career to consider. These soldiers and airmen have a strong foundation in fitness and health so a short certification program may be all they need to jumpstart a career in personal training.

However, veterans may also want to choose one of the longer educational program at one of Utah's universities or technical colleges as the GI bill will help with tuition. If they have the time to invest or they're looking to add a specialty to their certification, this route may be more appealing-especially if the government is footing the bill.

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