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How to Become a Physical Therapist Assistant in Utah – UT

Physical Therapy Assistant Training in Utah

You should count on spending at least two years going to school in Utah to become a Physical Therapy Assistant, as that's about how long it takes to earn an associate’s degree, which is necessary for your career.

Fortunately Utah has a number of schools and community colleges, with training programs approved by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education, or CAPTE. As Online learning can be an option and will be a great alternative to having to consider heading out of state. Luckily all of Utah's neighbors are home to several CAPTE accredited programs.

While your individual school may differ, the general curriculum is an equal balance between class time and work experience or hands-on clinical training. Your classes will consist of both general subjects, like English and math, and more medically focused ones, like anatomy and physical sciences. The amount of time you spend training and interning at a clinic or under the direction of a teacher of licensed physical therapist, will increase as your education nears completion. 

Continuing Education in Utah

The state of Utah currently requires its Physical Therapy Assistants to complete 20 hours of continuing education in each license renewal period, at the risk of being unable to renew their license, and thus, unable to work. You should also maintain records of any continuing education you've completed, even if you've already gotten credit for it, as the board can demand to see it at its leisure, either as part of a random audit or a disciplinary action.

In order for your continuing education to count, you'll want to take classes, attend seminars, and participate in study programs put on by a recognized national or state body, like the American Physical Therapy Association. You can also earn some hours teaching, doing take-home or online study, and interning at other clinics, but there is a cap on how many of these hours will count towards your total.

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