Physician Assistant Salary in Utah - UT

Utah Physician Assistant Salaries

Physician assistant salary in Utah varies significantly between its major cities.  The geographic locations in the state, as well as the industry of employment, no doubt are significant factors in physician assistant salary in Utah.  The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic reported, in May 2008, that physician assistants in Utah made an average of $87,410 annually.  The national average at that time was just over $80,000.  Hourly pay for physician assistants in Utah ranged from $27.39 all the way up to $55.91. 

Available jobs for physician assistants in Utah currently range from $66,000 to $77,000.  Below are the average salaries for jobs listed in some of the largest cities in the state, as well as the national and state average. 

National - $90,000
Utah - $72,000
Salt Lake City –$66,000
Provo – $58,000
West Valley City – $66,000
West Jordan – $57,000
Orem – $57,000
Sandy – $65,000
Ogden – $68,000
St. George – $77,000
Layton – $72,000
Taylorsville – $66,000


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