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Salary for a Registered Nurse in Utah - UT

Utah Registered Nurses Salaries

Salaries for RNs in Utah are 19% lower than the nationwide average. Still, nursing is a well-paying job that has always been in constant demand. Below are some average salaries for major cities in Utah.

Salt Lake City, Utah RN salary: $54,000
West Valley City, Utah RN salary: $54,000
Provo, Utah RN salary: $47,000
Jordan, Utah RN salary: $53,000
Sandy, Utah RN salary: $53,000
Orem, Utah RN salary: $ 48,000
St. George, Utah RN salary: $64,000


Utah Continued Education Requirements for Registered Nurses

The state of Utah wants healthcare professionals to remain knowledgeable about improvements in technology, laws and practices. To that extent, in order to renew your RN license (which you can do online), you must complete at least one of these requirements within each two-year renewal cycle:

  • 400 hours of work as an RN,
  • 200 hours of work an RN in addition to 15 hours of continuing education, or
  • 30 hours of continuing education

If you have reduced your hours below the above requirements in a five-year period, the state requires you to demonstrate competency in nursing before being reinstated.
If you ceased to practice nursing for more than five years, you must retake the licensing exam and possibly complete a nursing re-entry program to refresh your skills.

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