Utah Surgical Technologist Salary - UT

Salaries for Surgical Tech’s in Utah

Surgical tech salaries in Utah can vary based on several different factors. The average annual surgical tech salary in Utah, however, is $36,000. One of the initial factors impacting your salary will be experience. As a new surgical technologist, employers will not be looking at your history of experience. They will, however, be looking at your grades and your certification as a means of determining your fit for a surgical tech position in their facility. Once you get your foot in the door, your level of experience will grow, and you will find yourself earning much more annually than you even thought possible.

To give you an idea about job outlook for surgical techs in Utah, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 25% growth in this field from now until 2018, which means that you should be able to find substantial opportunities for employment. As the demand for medical care and surgical intervention continues to rise, you will begin to see that professionals like you are in high demand in Utah.

Because salary can be influenced by your geographical location, take a look at some of these Utah surgical technologist salary figures:

  • Salt Lake City: $34,000
  • Provo: $27,000
  • Orem: $27,000
  • West Valley City: $34,000

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