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Diagnostic Sonographer Salary in Utah - UT

By choosing an ultrasonography career in Utah, you have chosen a career with definite financial incentive and stable career growth. In general, the diagnostic sonographer salary in Utah is between $58,640 and $60,819. While this may be somewhat less than the national average of $63,640, it is important to look at one major factor: experience.

Experienced ultrasound techs in Utah have the potential to earn significant amounts of money. In fact, the highest reported salary figure among ultrasound technicians in Utah is $80,640, and the top 25% of techs in Utah earn around $72,540 each year. While new grads can typically expect to start out making close to Utah’s statewide average salary, a few years of experience with diagnostic ultrasonography can quickly add up to a life-changing annual income.

One other salary-influencing factor worth mentioning is facility type. In Utah, diagnostic sonographers are needed in every facet of medical care, including independent physicians’ clinics, urgent care centers, general hospitals, outpatient care centers, and specialty facilities (obstetric, oncology, neurology). Although nearly 59% of all ultrasound techs in Utah work in hospital environments, rates of pay are generally higher for those that specialize in cardiac, obstetrical, and neurological sonography.

Estimated annual income of ultrasound techs across Utah:

  • Provo: $64,930
  • Ogden: $57,450
  • Salt Lake City: $58,790

Salary estimates provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

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