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Become a Vet Tech in Utah

The state of Utah does not have a licensing or certification program of its own for veterinary medical technicians, but most techs interested in pursuing veterinary medicine on a practical level seek out national certification from the American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB).

How Become a Veterinary Technician in Utah

With no formal licensing or certification at the state level in Utah, veterinary technicians often start out as kennel assistants and veterinary assistants and receive a great deal of experience in a veterinary clinic prior to seeking certification through the well-recognized program offered by the AAVSB. Certification through the AAVSB requires that technicians complete and graduate from an approved 2-year veterinary technology degree program to qualify to take the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE). Once a technician has passed the VTNE, he or she is considered “certified�? through the AAVSB, and can take that certification to any job site in the country.
National certification does more than assure a technician of career growth and credibility in the workplace. It allows a technician the freedom to easily migrate from one state to another as work and family needs require. Most states that license their technicians at the state level will accept AAVSB certification through reciprocity programs. As long as technicians maintain their continuing education requirements and renewing their certification, they will be able to qualify for licensure in any state.
To become a certified veterinary technician in the state of Utah, students must:

  1. Complete one of the 2-year Utah vet tech programs that is approved by the AAVSB.
    1. Transcripts showing successful graduation (not just completion) must be sent to the AAVSB directly from the institution that granted the degree.
  2. Take and pass the VTNE exam.
    1. Technicians must apply directly through the AAVSB (www.aavsb.org) to register for and take the exam.
    2. The fee for the VTNE is $100.
    3. Practice exams are available online at www.testrac.com/aavsb/ for a $45 fee.
    4. The VTNE is scheduled and administered at the Utah Career College in West Jordan, Utah. Tests are administered between July 15-August 15, November 15-December 15, and in January of each year. 
    5. As of Summer 2010, the VTNE will be a computer-based test only.

Because there is no licensing requirement in Utah for veterinary technicians, there is no renewal requirement or continuing education requirement. Continuing education remains important for vet techs who are interested in pursuing advancement in their field and supervisory roles in veterinary practices or labs.

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