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Become a Dental Assistant in Vermont - VT

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are only 440 registered dental assistants in Vermont. Considering the small size of Vermont, this number is quite high. And with the current growth prediction of almost 30% in the next six years and the increased demand of dentists for assistance, that number is sure to increase.

Dental assistants in Vermont actually do need to register with the state. Once they are 18 and have earned a high school diploma, the status of Traditional Dental Assistant (TDA) can be earned by becoming employed in a dental office and notifying the Vermont State Board of Dental Examiners within 30 days. Failure to register with the board “may result in charges of unprofessional conduct being filed.” No additional education is required to register or maintain registration.

To become a dental assistant in Vermont, it is encouraged to go on to become an Expanded Function Dental Assistant or a Dental Assistant National Board (DANB) Certified Dental Assistant with state certification. Only Expanded Function Dental Assistants and Certified Dental Assistants can legally operate x-ray equipment. Formal dental assisting programs and examinations are required for both of the above titles. All levels of dental assistants are limited in what functions they can and cannot perform. For the most specific list, contact the Dental Assisting National Board (

All dental assistants in Vermont must be 18, have a high school diploma, and be certified in an approved CPR course or complete a course in emergency office procedure training.

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