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Lactation Consultant Salaries in Vermont - VT

After gaining lactation consultation education and training, most lactation consultants in Vermont can find employment in variety of health care setting that cater to new mothers and their breastfeeding infants. For instance, job openings may be available in local home health care agencies, maternity wards, doctors’ offices, and birthing centers. However, the majority of lactation consultants typically work in hospitals. Therefore, jobseekers in Burlington, Essex, Rutland, and Colchester could potentially land great jobs at Fletcher Allen Health Care-Medical Center Campus, Rutland Regional Medical Center, Central Vermont Medical Center, and Southwestern Vermont Health Care.

The annual average lactation consultant salary in Vermont is $83,000. By comparison, most lactation consultants working across the United States are earning closer to $81,000. Salaries are primarily based on education, past experience, certification status, industry of employment, and geographical location. Obviously, job availability is the most prevalent in regions of the state with higher populations. However, less job competition often means lower-than-average salaries. Therefore, lactation consultants that are able to relocate for a specific job are more likely to benefit from higher salaries. Here are the average salaries for lactation consultants in the five largest cities in Vermont:

Burlington:  $81,000/yr
Essex:  $83,000/yr
Rutland:  $84,000/yr
Colchester:  $81,000/yr
South Burlington:  $81,000/yr

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