Salary for Medical Assistant in Vermont – VT

In 2009, the median medical assistant salary in Vermont was $32,140, which made the average hourly pay rate roughly $15.45 per hour; although it is worth mentioning that some of the most experienced medical assistants in Vermont reported earning more than $40,510 each year. At that time, there were only about 700 medical assistants working in Vermont. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has determined that employment for medical assistants will rise 34% over the next 8 years, which could potentially create an additional 238 jobs in this career field.

Recent studies have shown that every year there are about 161 deaths in Vermont attributed to cardiovascular disease. Prevalent risk factors among Vermont residents such as type-2 diabetes, regular cigarette smoking, and high blood pressure have continued to increase the incidence of cardiovascular disease in this state. While these risk factors lead to eventual health complications, continuous medical monitoring, and sometimes even hospitalization, they create a substantial demand for medical assistants in Vermont.

Below are some of the average salary figures for medical assistants throughout Vermont:

  • Burlington:  $31,810
  • Essex:  $25,000
  • Rutland:  $25,000
  • Colchester:  $25,000
  • Bennington:  $30,000
  • Middlebury:  $26,000
  • Barre:  $25,000
  • Springfield:  $26,000

Salary figures provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

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