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Medical Transcriptionist Salary in Vermont - VT

Vermont Medical Transcription Salaries

On average, the Vermont medical transcriptionist salary is $31,000; however, there are many factors that can cause your salary to fluctuate. Many transcriptionists are paid per line for completed reports. The average per-line pay is 5 to 6 cents per line. Obviously, the more reports that you can do, the more money you will make.

Keep in mind, though, that CMTs consistently earn more money per line. It is safe to say that a combination of education, experience, and productivity will greatly impact the amount of money that you make each year.

Here is a complete list of the major cities in Vermont and their average salaries for this profession:

  • Burlington: $27,000
  • South Burlington: $27,000
  • Montepelier: $29,000
  • Rutland: $29,000
  • Essex: $28,000
  • Middletown Springs: $29,000
  • Barre: $29,000
  • St. Albans: $28,000
  • Winooski: $27,000
  • Newport: $27,000
  • Vergennes: $29,000


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