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Become a Medical Transcriptionist in Vermont - VT

Vermont Medical Transcription Training Programs

If you are interested in learning how to become a medical transcriptionist in Vermont, you can review the following steps, and you will be on your way to your new career in medical transcription.

  1. You absolutely need to choose a program for medical transcription training in Vermont that is recognized and accredited by the AHDI.
  2. Learn about what types of degree programs are available and choose the one that best suits your professional career goals.
  3. Understand the difference between a RMT and a CMT and why this important to your career as a medical transcriptionist in Vermont.
  4. Learn what you will need to do to continue your education and understand why this important for a medical transcriptionist to do.

Vermont State Licenses

There is really not much to learn in the way of state licenses for medical transcription in Vermont. Simply put, there are no restrictions or requirements for a state license in this type of profession. However, just because the state does not license this career field does not mean that there are not accountability standards that all medical transcriptionists need to be aware of. Overlooking these standards will put you at a great disadvantage when you begin pursuing work as a transcriptionist.


Complete a 2-year associate’s degree of 9-month certificate program so you are formally trained in this field.

Medical Transcription Certifications

After you have completed your schooling, the next step is for you to receive certification directly from the AHDI. Since you have just finished your degree or certificate, you will only be eligible to sit for the RMT, or registered medical transcriptionist, examination. This test has a fee of $200, and many employers will require a RMT certification before they will employ you or contract you.

The CMT, or certified medical transcriptionist, certification also has a test administered by the AHDI; however, you can only take this test if you have worked in an acute care environment for at least 2 years. Keep this in mind because as you continue your career in this field, you will want to obtain the CMT title when you are able. The cost for this test is $275.

Continuing Education Credits

Many medical transcription schools in Vermont offer a great variety of continuing education courses. In addition, the AHDI certainly expects you to keep your education current if you wish to keep your RMT or CMT title.

As an RMT, you are required to successfully complete one online course every three years. CMTs must complete no less than 30 credit hours of continuing education every three years. You will not be required to re-test with the AHDI for your certifications, but you will be required to prove that you completed these courses.

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