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Vermont Healthcare Informatics Salary - VT

Healthcare professionals working in nurse informatics in Vermont will benefit from an optimistic career outlook in the coming decade; whereas the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that the field of nurse informatics is currently experiencing an employment growth of 20%. This growth rate is predicted to last until at least 2018. The percentage increase is based in comparison with all other occupational average growth rates combined. Not only will this growth result in thousands of job openings nationwide, but will likely effect Vermont nursing informatics salary earning potentials as well.

Presently, the nurse informatics average salary in the United States is $74,000 annually. Nurse informatics salary in Vermont averages slightly lower earning $73,000 annually. Admittedly, educational background, volume of work experience, and geographical location all influence an individual’s specific salary earning potential. Furthermore, since nurse informatics is more in demand in Vermont areas of higher populations, here are the average salary statistics in larger cities through Vermont:

Burlington:  $56,000/yr
Essex:  $58,000/yr
Rutland:  $60,000/yr
Colchester:  $56,000/yr
Hartford:  $63,000/yr

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