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Becoming a Personal Trainer in Vermont

In Vermont, 23% of the population has been classified as obese. It doesn’t end there, 12% of all high school students and middle school students are also obese. One of the main contributors to these statistics is a sedentary lifestyle. Over 52% of these individuals do not receive adequate physical activity recommended daily. These numbers could be decreased greatly if people would exercise daily. Personal trainers can help with this.

In Vermont, over 600 people are employed as personal trainers to help people change their unhealthy lifestyles into nutritional and active living techniques. Not only is this a growing profession in the state of Vermont, but Burlington is ranked as one of the highest concentrations of personal training employment of all metropolitan areas in the United States. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has named the Burling metropolitan area as the 3rd highest concentration of employed personal trainers, with a number of 490 professionals in this occupation. There are many options for employment in personal training in Vermont.

Vermont does not regulate personal training as a profession. In other words, there are no licensure requirements for an individual to practice as a personal trainer. However, in some cases an employer will require that a personal trainer be certified by a national governing body, or have some educational background.  In Vermont personal trainer certification is available through accredited online programs that fulfill all the requirements set by employers and the major certifying agencies.

In Vermont, if you want to advance in the fitness field, you must have higher education to prove you adequacy as a higher paid employee. After receiving a higher level of education such as a master’s degree, you will be provided with many more opportunities to climb higher on your career path of choice. Obtaining a master’s a degree can open up doors for managerial positions by broadening areas of knowledge, expanding business opportunities through refining knowledge of nutrition, strength training, and special condition training, and to advance your resume by keeping clients as well as inquiring new ones. Another option for advancement is to take courses related to business administration and management, which can give you the opportunity to open up your own health club. With extra education under your belt, you will stand above others in the field of fitness.

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