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Education Through Vermont Public Health Schools

The first step in appropriate educational measures to work in the field of public health begins with high school. Public health workers tend to be employed mostly by governmental agencies. These agencies tend to have strict educational requirements and they are not negotiable. The state of Vermont will likely require a minimum of a high school diploma for any entry-level position. Interested parties can improve their chances of rising to heights of more responsibility by continuing on with their education in the field of their choice. It is imperative that students check to be sure that the online or campus based programs are offered by Vermont public health schools that have been accredited.

Once a bachelor level is reached, the education should be continued in a specialized field to the master level. Even when the master level is reached, there are often continuing education requirements. These requirements ensure that the professional stays in constant awareness of advancements and changes in the field of their choice. Though this may sound like a strenuous path, the tuition reimbursement programs offered by the state of Vermont along with the continuing education tax breaks may be a motivating factor.

Through campus based and online programs, aspiring Public Health Professionals in Burlington, Essex, Rutland and Colchester, Vermont may be able to prepare themselves for the possibility of employment in some of the largest hospitals and healthcare facilities in the state including the Fletcher Allen Health Care - Medical Center Campus, Rutland Regional Medical Center, Central Vermont Medical Center and Southwestern Vermont Health Care.

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