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Salary for a Registered Nurse in Vermont - VT

Vermont Registered Nurses Salaries

The average nursing salary in the state is $71,000, which is three percent lower than national average. Salaries below are taken from and are for general registered nurses only. Nurse specialties or administrators can earn significantly more.

Burlington, Vermont RN Salary  $76,000
Essex, Vermont RN Salary  $60,000
Rutland, Vermont RN Salary:  $61,000
Colchester, Vermont RN Salary  $57,000
South Burlington, Vermont RN Salary  $57,000

Vermont Continued Education Requirements for RN's

The Vermont Board of Nursing expects you to maintain and improve your nursing skills of your own volition. There are no written requirements for how much continuing education classes you must take during each two-year license renewal cycle.

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