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Cardiac Sonography Salaries in Virginia - VA

Cardiac sonographers are in high demand in Virginia. The Virginia Workforce Connection estimates that 36 openings will occur yearly due to job growth, and another 22 openings due to replacement. Current positions for cardiac sonographers can be found all over the state and in facilities including Patient First, Riverside Health System, Rockingham Memorial Hospital, Sterling Medical Corporation, Virginia Cardiovascular Specialists, and Chesapeake Regional Medical Center. The position of cardiac sonographer is expected to grow a whopping 22% in Virginia from 2006 through the year 2016. It is definitely an industry with growth potential in the state of Virginia.

The median cardiac sonographer salary in Virginia, as per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, is $54,060 per year, or $25.99 per hour. This compares well with the national annual salary of $49,730 or $23.91 per hour. Positions for cardiac sonographers are available all over Virginia in metropolitan areas including Arlington, Richmond, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Alexandria, Portsmouth and Hampton. Salaries among these metropolitan areas tend to differ, which one can see when looking at salary employment data from Keep in mind, however, that these salaries might differ due to entry level vs. advanced employment level, certification vs. non-certification, educational level, and so forth:

Arlington:  77,000
Richmond:  $61,000
Virginia Beach:  $54,000
Norfolk:  $54,000
Chesapeake:  $54,000
Alexandria:  $77,000
Portsmouth:  $54,000
Hampton:  $53,000

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