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Dialysis Technician Salaries in Virginia - VA

The average dialysis technician pay in Virginia is $38,000 yearly, which is a nice annual figure for a job as rewarding as dialysis. Recent graduates, however, may find themselves earning slightly less as they begin their careers. This is largely in part due to a lack of experience in the field, but with the expected growth of the profession as a whole, it should not take very much time to earn some stripes and a more plentiful salary.

Certification, however, is something extra that can help you to earn more income, especially as a new graduate. As soon as you finish school, prepare to take the exam. Then when you begin seeking employment, you will not only have the edge over other uncertified candidates, but you will also have more leverage when negotiating salary.

Keep in mind, though, that your specific location within Virginia can have an impact on your annual pay. In areas where the cost of living is not as high as others, you may notice that salaries are lower and vice versa. Just remember that by gaining experience and continuing your education, your qualifications can help you to exceed some of the traditional salary figures in a certain area.

Listed here are some of the salaries in Virginia:

  • Virginia Beach: $29,000
  • Norfolk: $29,000
  • Chesapeake: $29,000
  • Richmond: $33,000
  • Arlington: $41,000
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