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EKG Tech Salaries in Virginia - VA

Virginia EKG Tech Salaries

On average, EKG tech salaries in Virginia are about $41,000. Still, there are many circumstances that make up and determine the annual pay figure for an EKG technician. One of them is level of experience. Without a doubt, as a new graduate, you will not find yourself at the top of the pay scale; however, with the large expected growth of the profession as a whole, you will find many doors of opportunity that open up for you, which means that you will have a lucrative opportunity to advance and gain both experience and income.

The next issue will be the type of establishment that you choose to work in. In most cases, larger companies and larger facilities tend to pay out more annually in income and benefits to their staff, mainly because they have a larger client base. However, even smaller facilities recognize the need and importance of qualified EKG technicians, so there is no reason to believe that you cannot earn a substantial income in any type of facility. 

You should also consider the area in which you live. While you may earn more money by working in a more heavily populated city, the bottom line is that you should always be comfortable with your lifestyle and your career. Naturally, salaries fluctuate in different areas of each state, but you will undoubtedly earn a firm income and benefits package as an EKG technician no matter where you live in Virginia.

Here is a grouping of some salaries for cities in Virginia:

  • Norfolk, Virginia: $32,000
  • Virginia Beach: $32,000
  • Alexandria: $45,000
  • Bedford: $34,000
  • Chesapeake: $32,000
  • Fairfax: $45,000
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