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Gerontology Degrees in Virginia - VA

A gerontology degree in Virginia will give you an education that covers many facets of human development specific to aging. Your degree prepares you with skills needed to work in multiple arenas focused on the aging process.  Programs also include coursework particular to different phases and social matters related to gerontology. You will learn how each stage of life affects individuals as they grow older, and what this means to their families, their personal lives, and their communities. Options for a gerontology degree in Virginia are found at various college campuses and online programs in cities such as Arlington, Richmond, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Alexandria, and Portsmouth.

You may choose to seek an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, post-graduate degree, or certification in gerontology through post-graduate units. Each choice will focus on one of two possibilities: Either a broad based education in aging, or a singular focus with specialized training in a particular field such as social work or advocacy with a certificate in gerontology. Each level of education will have its own requirements, For example: a Bachelor’s degree in gerontology requires 120 semester units which includes 30 units specific to your gerontology major. You will also complete 41 units of general education and 49 units of electives (or a focused minor). Along with classroom instruction, you are also required to participate in an internship program at one of Virginia’s medical facilities.

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