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Lactation Consultant Salaries in Virginia - VA

To get a good idea of the average lactation consultant salary in Virginia, it is wise to take a look at the major metropolitan areas, as salaries tend to vary according to geographical location and population. 

Some of the major cities in Virginia and their average annual salaries are as follows:

Arlington, Virginia:  $95,000
Richmond, Virginia:  $76,000
Virginia Beach, Virginia:  $67,000
Norfolk, Virginia:  $67,000
Chesapeake, Virginia:  $67,000
Alexandria, Virginia:  $96,000
Portsmouth, Virginia:  $67,000
Hampton, Virginia:  $66,000

As you can see above, the salaries within a state can vary a lot from city to city.  Arlington and Alexandria both experience a 15% higher than average salary when compared to the rest of the country while the remaining listed cities actually come in lower than the national average.  Virginia does boast a lower cost of living enabling its population a higher quality of life at a lesser salary. They also vary with supply and demand and the fact that the healthcare field is the fastest growing area of employment in the United States.  This combined with increasing pressure from the federal government to encourage new mothers to breastfeed and employers to participate in the creation of lactation programs creates a very favorable job outlook for lactation consultants in Virginia. Most jobs in the healthcare field have a positive growth outlook and this would be a secure choice for a lucrative and rewarding profession in Virginia. 

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