How to Become a Medical Assistant in Virginia – VA

Medical assistants are a quickly growing occupation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics expected growth in the profession through 2018 is expected to be huge at 34%, which makes it one of the fastest growing professions across the nation. In Virginia there is a huge demand for these professionals as well, so if you are considering a career as a medical assistant in Virginia, it could be a great choice.

Medical office assistants can be certified (CMA) by completing 1-2 year Virginia medical assistant programs and registering after gaining an associates degree along with accumulated work experience. The following information is a guide for you to follow if you wish to pursue a career as a medical assistant and gain certification. In Virginia it is important to note that you are only allowed to work if you have been certified.

  1. First of all complete your high school education. High school course are a solid foundation with classes like science, biology and health. You will also want to take courses in computer science and be very familiar with databases.
  2. You should take the opportunity to volunteer as a high school student in a medical setting. Nursing homes and hospitals always have a need for volunteers.
  3. Take time to research the available programs in medical assisting to make certain that you can be certified after completing the coursework.
  4. Depending on the medical assistant program in Virginia you choose, you will spend between a year or two in school learning the duties, roles and responsibilities of Certified Medical Assistants.
  5. Your medical assistant training will include study in health, biology and the clerical side of the profession.
  6. As well you will need to complete clinical training of 160 hours. This hands on experience will help you to learn how to apply classroom knowledge to practical skills needed to work as a Certified Medical Assistant.
  7. During clinical training time you have the opportunity to meet those people that could be willing to hire you when you complete your education, so it is important to always act professionally in all clinical settings.
  8. After you are done with the coursework and clinical training you can then write the medical assistant certification examination, given at sites all over the country. Once you have confirmation that you have passed the examination you can then look for a job right away.
  9. Finally, you must gain and keep current CPR certification. If you need to gain this certification you can find out how through the Virginia division of the American Heart Association.

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