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Medical Transcriptionist Salary in Virginia - VA

Virginia Medical Transcription Salaries

The average Virginia medical transcriptionist salary is usually around $34,000 per year, and there are many factors that can change this figure. Experience in the field, education, and productivity are probably the largest factors that will alter your income. As most medical transcriptionists are paid by line count, there is a definite connection between productivity and annual income. What this means is that you need to thoroughly understand your position and be able to work quickly and effectively if you want to earn a higher level of salary.

Here are some of the average salaries for the major cities within Virginia:

  • Alexandria: $42,000
  • Arlington: $42,000
  • Charlottesville: $32,000
  • Lynchburg: $32,000
  • Norfolk: $30,000
  • Petersburg: $34,000
  • Richmond: $33,000
  • Roanoke: $31,000
  • Virginia Beach: $30,000


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