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Become a Medical Transcriptionist in Virginia - VA

Virginia Medical Transcription Training Programs

If you want to learn how to become a medical transcriptionist in Virginia, you should read through the following steps thoroughly. This will help to give you a general idea of what you can do to begin your career in medical transcription.

  1. Begin researching schools that have current accreditation from the AHDI.
  2. Learn about the different degree options for this career and choose the best option for your career plans.
  3. Understand the importance of the RMT and CMT certifications of the AHDI.
  4. Learn about why you need to continue your education and what type of continuing education requirements will be expected of you.

Licensing in Virginia

As a medical transcriptionist in Virginia, you are not required to have a state license. Because of the nature of the work of a medical transcriptionist and how that work pertains to the continuity of patient care, you might be surprised that the State of Virginia does not have a license for this profession. Do not be alarmed by this. You will simply need to learn how you can make yourself identifiable and credible in this profession, and there are many ways to do this.


The candidate who has completed a program for medical transcription training in Virginia or online will have increased marketability in this field. This formal training will give them a solid foundation for success as a medical transcriptionist.

Certifications of the AHDI

The AHDI offers two different certifications: the registered medical transcriptionist (RMT) and the certified medical transcriptionist (CMT). The RMT test is an entry-level test that is for newly graduated students of an approved course. The charge for this examination is $200, and it is becoming more commonplace for employers to require the RMT title from their medical transcriptionists.

The CMT test is one that you will not be allowed to take until you have some experience in the field. In fact, you must a minimum of 2 years in an acute care setting before you are eligible to take this test. The fee for the CMT examination is $275.

Continuing Education Requirements

As a registered or certified member of the AHDI, you are required to continue your education in order to keep your certification current. Every three years the RMT must take at least one line course; the CMT must take 30 credits. There is a big push by the AHDI to make sure that all medical transcriptionists are aware of this constantly changing profession; thus the reason for the continuing education requirement.

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