Midwife Salary in Virginia - VA

Midwives' Salaries in Virginia - VA

Virginia Midwife Salary

Midwives are some of the highest earners of all allied health professionals. In fact, the median midwife salary in Virginia is roughly $105,000 per year for certified nurse-midwives, which is well above the estimated national average of $79,000 to $89,000 purported by the American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM).

Midwives that spend several years in the field are undoubtedly going to be the highest earners of all. This is mainly due to a larger, more secure patient base that comes with years of maintaining a professional and caring image. New midwives in Virginia, however, can count a strong occupational outlook to help them accomplish this feat.

While most babies are still born inside hospital facilities, groups like the Northern Virginia Homebirth Community and the Virginia Commonwealth Midwives Alliance are continuously advocating, promoting, and making available the services of midwives throughout Virginia. Organizations like these give midwives and patients alike a place to connect and improve midwifery practices in Virginia. Through organizations such as these, and a clear patient demand to birth children naturally at home, midwives in Virginia should expect continued prosperity in their professional field.

Of note, salary can be largely affected by geographic location. Here, you will find some average salary figures for certified midwives in Virginia:

  • Arlington: $116,000
  • Norfolk: $82,000
  • Alexandria: $116,000
  • Richmond: $93,000

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