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Virginia Nuclear Medicine Technician Salary - VA

Salaries for Nuclear Medicine Technologists in Virginia

Graduates from nuclear medicine technology schools obtain employment in many different settings. These include hospitals (general, surgical and specialty); outpatient clinics; physician’s private offices; employment health centers; the federal government; laboratories (both medical and diagnostic); and other health care practitioners’ offices. The average yearly income of nuclear medicine technologists functioning in the United States is $67,910, per the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The typical nuclear medicine technologist salary in Virginia is quite near that figure, according to the BLS, at $61,160 (figures based on May 2009 report).

From town to town, city to city, and state to state, earnings for the same occupation may differ. This may depend upon the average educational level and skill level of employees in that profession within that general area, the population of the general area, the supply of and demand for workers in that general area, among other factors. Likewise, when we study the earnings statistics of nuclear medicine technologists currently working in a few of the biggest cities in Virginia, discrepancies can be noted.  The figures below are from

Arlington:  $77,000
Richmond:  $62,000
Virginia Beach:  $54,000
Norfolk:  $54,000
Chesapeake:  $54,000
Alexandria:  $78,000
Portsmouth:  $54,000
Hampton:  $53,000

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