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Virginia Nurse Informatics Certification - VA

Health care professionals that are interested in receiving Virginia nursing informatics certification must first acquire the formal education and professional experience required prior to application. For instances, individuals must hold a baccalaureate, master, or doctorate degree in nursing. Also, at least thirty hours of previous continuing education hours in informatics is required. Furthermore, all applicants must hold an active register nurse’s license. Finally, prior work experience in clinical nursing and nursing informatics (or a degree in nursing informatics) is expected. If all eligibility requirements have been fulfilled, then an “Informatics Nursing Certification Application” must be obtained through the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) website. After the completed application and all requested documentation is received and approved by the ANCC, applicants will receive an “Eligibility Notice” and then may sit for a nurse informatics national competency examination.

An application and examination fee of between $270 and $390 must accompany submitted application. Upon passing examination, the ANCC will grant Virginia nursing informatics certification, valid for five years. Certification renewal fees will cost between $200 and $350.  The completion of seventy-five hours of continuing education hours is required at the time of each certification renewal. Nurse informatics continuing education activities can be earned through participation in in-service training, academic credits, independent study, professional workshops, industry seminars, online activities, and career-related presentations.

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