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Virginia Healthcare Informatics Salary - VA

Nurse informatics salary in Virginia often depends on an individual’s level of formal education, years of professional work experience, participation in continuing education activities, willingness to relocate, and geographical location. Jobseekers are often encouraged to target cities of higher population concentration where the chances of finding gainful employment are greater than in more rural environments. However, although metropolitan regions may offer more job availability, they do not always offer higher salary earning potentials. Another factor that will presumably influence nurse informatics salaries are changes in employment trends.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that from 2008 until at least 2018, the field of nurse informatics will experience a 20% spike in employment rates nationwide. Presently, nurse informatics salary in Virginia averages at $79,000 annually. This salary average is slightly above the average nurse informatics salary across the United States of $74,000 annually.

Virginia Beach:  $61,000/yr
Norfolk:  $61,000/yr
Chesapeake:  $61,000/yr
Richmond:  $67,000/yr
Arlington:  $86,000/yr

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