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Virginia Occupational Therapy Degrees

Education Requirements for Occupational Therapists in Virginia

Most Master’s of Science- level Virginia occupational therapy courses require that applicants have at least 90 credits towards a bachelor’s degree before acceptance into their program. Students usually are required to have at least a 2.70 GPA in all general college courses and a 3.0 in all prerequisite courses for OT.  Other admission requirements include a GRE aptitude test, 60 hours of supervised work or volunteer experience in an OT setting, and three references from objective sources on academic skills, work skills and desirable personal traits.  In addition, applicants must submit official copies of transcripts from all college-level institutions attended and an essay or personal statement.

During the first year of an MS in OT program, a typical curriculum includes:

Human Anatomy, Kinesiology, Neuroscience Application in OT, OT Evaluation and Intervention, Nature of OT, Interpersonal Communications and OT Principles, and Values and Theories.

Many students work the summer between their first and second year to gain real life experience.  Some of these jobs may be as OT aides, rehabilitation assistants, or at summer camps with disabled clients.

The second year of coursework usually offers OT Practice Activities, Evaluation and Intervention II and III, OT Practice Activities III, OT in Healthcare, Research Process and Statistical Analysis in OT, Research Practicum in OT, and Clinical Reasoning in OT.

By the third year, most classroom training is done and students participate in Level II fieldwork in OT.

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