Washington Gerontologist Salaries - WA

A gerontologist is labeled as such once he or she has completed a graduate program in geriatrics. Gerontologists have shown expertise in their fields with geriatric certifications to back them up. As such, they may have supervisory roles or sit in an administrative position. These are roles that may prove quite lucrative.

The average gerontologist salary in Washington is reported to be $170,000 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Of course, this number is going to vary across the state since location is a factor in the average salary. The reason for this may be the amount of such jobs in a particular location and may rely somewhat on the economic status of the area.

To get an idea of how the salary may vary throughout the state of Washington, take a look at the brief explanation of cities and their salaries included here.  Bellevue, Washington is listed as $164,000. Seattle and Spokane, Washington both average $165,000. Tacoma, Washington has an average gerontologist salary of $157,000.

The salary is going to be based in part on how a gerontologist uses their skills. A geriatric physician or nurse is going to be recognized for his or her specialization in geriatrics and can expect to be well compensated for it. Since gerontologists are often found to be in supervisory positions as leaders in the geriatric profession, they can expect to be compensated for their supervisory skills as well as their gerontology knowledge.

Some of the places that a professional gerontologist might find employment in Washington would be Sacred Heart Medical Center, Swedish Medical Center, Southwest Washington Medical Center and Providence Regional Medical Center.

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