Washington Healthcare Administration Salaries - WA

The healthcare administration salary in Washington is going to vary based on many elements. Since this field covers such a wide range of positions, it also covers a wide range of earning potentials with various levels of responsibility. For instance, administrators who work in smaller facilities may not make as much as those who work in enormous facilities with a number of different specialized departments. The average healthcare administration salary in Washington is listed as $61,000 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This salary reflects all positions listed as healthcare administration. For this reason, it can include everything from veterans of healthcare administration in large facilities to beginners that just started as administrators in small nursing homes.

Salary is also going to differ by geographic location. Larger cities that hold many healthcare administrators are going to take into account more administrative salaries than are small towns with only one administrator. For example, Tacoma, Washington is listed as having an average salary of $56,000 while Seattle, Spokane and Bellevue all average a salary of $59,000.

Naturally, the longer an administrator holds their position, the higher their salary will be. Some facilities will also demand continuing education credits that will serve to increase the salary over time. The bottom line is that the more qualified and the longer administrators serve a healthcare facility, the higher they can expect their salaries to be.

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