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Medical Technician Training in Washington - WA

Education for Medical Technicians in Washington

The Bureau of labor Statistics reported in 2008 that there were 2,630 medical laboratory technicians in the state of Washington. The median wages of these medical techs was $36,820 annually. This is higher than the national median annual wage of $32,840. Medical techs work in laboratories under the supervision of medical technologists in hospitals, universities, corporations, and more.

Admission requirements will vary between Washington medical technician training programs, but a GED or high school diploma and minimum GPA is required. Students may also have to provide verification that their vaccinations are up to date. Proof of health insurance may also be necessary. A criminal background check is required and many national organizations require it as well. Contact schools for specific questions. In Washington state some schools may also require phlebotomy certification and experience in the health sciences field.

After acceptance to a medical tech program has been granted, expect to take general education courses and medical tech specific classes. Some of the medical tech specific coursework includes hematology, phlebotomy, immunology, microbiology, urinalysis, safety and ethics. A clinical experience working in the field is also required. The entire program can usually be completed in two-years.

Continuing Education for Medical Technicians in Washington

Continuing education allows medical technicians to stay current on developments in the field. All certified medical technicians must complete documented hours of continuing education to maintain certification.

The American Medical Technologists, the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS) and the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) offer membership options to medical tech practitioners. Each organization offers continuing education opportunities for medical technicians who must renew their certification.

Medical technicians will apply for recertification every three years. Medical Technicians accumulate one point for every hour of continuing education they complete. The amount of points that are required for recertification vary among each national certification organizations. Points in safety, blood banking, chemistry, hematology and microbiology are required. Additional points in immunology, molecular diagnostics and other laboratory areas are also acceptable topics for continuing education.

Additional Information for Military Personnel

The American Medical Technologists recognizes military training for the MLT (AMT) certification.  Individuals that have successfully completed the a 50-week laboratory procedures training program offered by the US military are eligible to sit for the MLT (AMT) certification. The training must be earned in or available for transfer to an accredited college leading toward a degree program.

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