Midwife Salary in Washington - WA

Midwives' Salaries in Washington - WA

Washington Midwife Salary

The state of Washington maintains one of the highest rates for breastfed children at 87.9% of children being breastfed in the early stages of their lives. Nationally, about 75% of all children were breastfed at the same stages. This demographic group of breastfeeding mothers is far more likely to prefer the natural process of at-home birth than others. So, what we can see here is that the profession of midwifery in Washington should continue to grow, and it is certainly becoming more recognizable not as an alternative method of childbirth, but as a mainstay method of childbirth.

Perhaps this is why midwives in Washington are so well paid for the services that they provide. According to recent studies, the typical midwife salary in Washington is around $89,000 a year. Without a doubt, the highest paid midwifes are going to be those that have received their certification from the NARM and those with several years of working experience in the field.

However, several state organizations, including The Midwives’ Association of Washington State, Washington Midwives, and Midwives of Washington, are partly responsible for the increased recognition and validity of nursing/midwifery as a mainstream medical profession. Through strong advocates such as these, midwives in Washington continue to be among some of the highest paid medical professionals in the entire state.

Midwife salaries by location:

  • Bellevue: $87,000
  • Tacoma: $84,000
  • Spokane: $88,000

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