Midwifery Programs in Washington

Midwifery School in Washington - WA

In Washington, the practice of midwifery is licensed by the Washington Department of Health. With this regulation, there are strict requirements for midwifery courses in Washington that all aspiring midwives must complete. Courses should not only include basic medical education, but they should also include in-depth exploration of newborn health, healthcare during pregnancy, and the midwives Model of Care.

All midwives in Washington must have a Master of Science degree in nursing and midwifery in order to practice independently. In general, this is a post-secondary educational program lasting anywhere from 2 to 3 years, depending on the requirements of the individual school. Leading up to the master’s program, the Washington Department of Health mandates that all students of a midwifery program receive their registered nursing certification.

Overall, midwifery programs in Washington include courses like:

  • Fetal and Newborn Assessment
  • Fetal and Newborn Anatomy
  • Stages of Delivery
  • Emergency Medical Intervention

Traditionally, midwifery programs have been restricted to campus-based study. However, with the onset of technology and online education, midwifery students in Washington now have the opportunity to complete courses online if they so choose. This is a great benefit, especially to those that need a more flexible schedule when pursuing education and career changes.

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