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Washington Nuclear Medicine Technician Salary - WA

Salaries for Nuclear Medicine Technologists in Washington

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates a 16% employment growth trend for nuclear medicine technologists throughout the country between 2008 and 2018. If this prediction proves accurate, approximately 3,600 new nuclear medicine technology job positions will become available which will positively impact Washington’s labor force. Currently, the top four industry employers for nuclear medicine technologists in Washington are medical and surgical hospitals, offices of physicians, outpatient care centers, and medical and diagnostic laboratories. Therefore, professional jobseekers in cities like Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane, and Bellevue could land entry-level positions in major area medical centers such as the University of Washington Medical Center, Swedish Medical Center, Sacred Heart Medical Center, and Haborview Medical Center.

Once employed, the average nuclear medicine technologist salary in Washington is $59,000/yr. However, individual salaries tend to vary depending of education, geographic location, ability to relocate, past clinical experience, and certification status. Professionals that receive specialized training in fields such as nuclear cardiology, position emission tomography, and nuclear oncology may benefit from higher annual salaries. Here are the average salaries for nuclear medicine technologists in the five biggest cities in Washington:

Seattle:  $57,000/yr
Spokane:  $57,000/yr
Tacoma:  $55,000/yr
Vancouver:  $57,000/yr
Bellevue:  $57,000/yr

*These salary statistics are based on findings by indeed.com

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