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Nuclear Medicine Technologist Schools in Washington - WA

There are two different types of nuclear medicine technologist schools in Washington: campus-based or online education programs. Since degrees in nuclear medicine technology are uncommon, students may consider earning a degree in radiology technology or a similar field of radiologic medical diagnostics. By enrolling in on-site programs through state colleges and universities, community and technical colleges, and vocational schools, students can achieve one of the following: Pre-Radiology Technology Certificate, Associate of Applied Science in Radiology Technology, or an Associate of Applied Science in Radiologic Sciences. However, there is an Associate of Arts in Nuclear Medicine Technology degree available as well. These programs typically last between one to two years. A high school diploma or equivalent is required to gain admission into most of these programs.

Students wanting to engage in online education may benefit from a wider variety of degree options. Some radiology degrees found through online schools include: Bachelor in Medical Imaging Sciences, Master in Medical Imaging Sciences, Associate in Radiography-Advanced Placement Track, and Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences. Most coursework found in both campus based and online programs will offer instruction in the applied use of the properties of radiation, patient care, technical skills, safety procedures, and administrative duties. Some examples of nuclear medicine-specific courses found within educational programs in Washington are: Basic Nuclear Medicine Science, Radiopharmacy, Sectional Anatomy for Nuclear Medicine, Position Emission Tomography (PET), Computers for Nuclear Medicine, and Patient Care in Nuclear Medicine.
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