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Average Salary for a Personal Trainer in Washington - WA

Washington Personal Trainer Salaries

Salaries in the state of Washington are slightly lower than the national average of $58,000 however, they are in one of the higher ranges overall.  In this profession your salary depends on your level of certification, your experience, where and how you conduct your business and the clientele you are able to recruit.  The standard hourly rate ranges from $40 to $70 per hour.  If you are employed with a gym or health club the largest portion of that rate goes to the facility.  The Personal Trainer can expect to get only about $20 of that amount.  As you established a client base it is possible to function as an independent free-agent and negotiate up to half of the hourly rate charged and work with several gyms at the same time.  Independent and highly established trainers with a steady clientele are able to set their own rates, some of which range between $100 and $300 hourly.

The average national annual salary for Personal Trainers is $58,000.  In Washington State the average salary varies between $46,000 and $52,000.  This is approximately 12% below the national average.  The following represents the average Washington personal trainer salary by major city:

  • Seattle, Washington personal trainer salary  -  $50,000
  • Olympia, Washington personal trainer salary – $47,000
  • Spokane, Washington personal trainer salary - $52,000
  • Tacoma, Washington personal trainer salary - $47,000


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