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Physical Therapy Salary in Washington - WA

At this time, the average physical therapist salary in Washington is around $73,690 a year, with an average hourly wage of $35.47. However, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the highest reported average during 2009 was $96,820; roughly 24% more than Washington’s state average. It is clear that there is a correlation between experience and income for physical therapists in Washington.

While heart disease remains as one of the leading causes of death among residents in Washington, many residents do survive from things like heart attack and stroke. However, these patients generally require a great deal of physical care to help them rehabilitate from the after effects of these debilitating conditions.

In 2007, nearly 11,000 Washington residents died from heart disease; but because there are many residents that are still living with post heart disease effects, physical therapists are seeing that the increase in heart disease cases is causing a greater need for their services.

Because geographic location can also influence annual income levels, below are some of the average physical therapy salaries throughout the state:

  • Seattle:  $76,860
  • Tacoma:  $75,360
  • Spokane:  $66,990
  • Bellevue:  $75,360
  • Bellingham:  $72,190
  • Mount Vernon:  $77,400
  • Longview:  $75,620
  • Kennewick:  $66,860

Salary figures are provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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