Radiologist Technician Salary in Washington – WA

The average radiology tech salary in Washington is about $60,980 per year, an average of $29.32 per hour. However, you should also consider that the highest reported annual income during 2009 was $82,350; so you can see that there is a great deal of financial potential for radiology technicians working in Washington.

Although Washington has a total statewide population of 6,574,400, there are only about 4,300 radiology techs actively employed throughout the state. Recent studies done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics have shown that this profession is likely to grow faster than most other occupations at a rate of about 17% by the year 2018. This job growth could potentially create more than 700 new radiology technician careers throughout Washington.

One of the reasons that there is currently a higher demand among professionals in this field is the current state of health of Washington residents. While the American Lung Association identifies smoking as the most preventable cause of lung cancer, approximately 15.7%, about 1,032,180 adult residents in Washington have reported being regular cigarette smokers.  This contributes to the demand for qualified diagnostic medical sonographers who help to assess health conditions through diagnostic imagery.

Average annual salaries across Washington:

  • Seattle:  $64,340
  • Tacoma:  $57,880
  • Spokane:  $53,840
  • Bellevue:  $65,650
  • Wenatchee:  $57,810
  • Yakima:  $55,800

These salary figures are provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

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