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West Virginia Dental Assistant Salaries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average national hourly salary for a dental assistant is $15.95. This calculates to an average national annual salary of $33,170. In addition, West Virginia has 1,380 dental assistants employed. Once again, as with dental hygienists in Charleston, West Virginia, the most concentrated metropolitan area for dental assistants is Charleston, West Virginia with 370 employed.

As noted earlier, West Virginia is a state that borders many metropolitan areas. The salary grade in these border areas is very attractive for a dental assistants, as well.

For example, as noted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Washington, Arlington, Alexandria metropolitan area has an average annual salary of $35,910. This is well above the average national annual salary. Furthermore, dental assistants in this border region in the 90th percentile have an average annual salary of $49,280. The following list includes West Virginia dental assistant salaries by major cities, as reported by indeed.com.

Charleston, West Virginia: $50,000
Morgantown, West Virginia: $47,000
Wheeling, West Virginia: $37,000
Beckley, West Virginia: $50,000
Philippi, West Virginia: $50,000
Dunbar, West Virginia: $50,000
Bethany, West Virginia: $35,000
Bluefield, West Virginia: $46,000
Huntington, West Virginia: $48,000
Montgomery, West Virginia: $50,000
Athens, West Virginia: $42,000
Moorefield, West Virginia: $40,000
Fairmont, West Virginia: $46,000
Clarksburg, West Virginia: $51,000
Hinton, West Virginia: $46,000
Parkersburg, West Virginia: $45,000
Keyser, West Virginia: $37,000
Salem, West Virginia: $52,000
Mount Gay, West Virginia: $48,000
Institute, West Virginia: $49,000
Buckhannonn, WV: $60,000

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