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Gerontology Degrees in West Virginia - WV

A gerontology degree in West Virginia can lead to a variety of careers in various fields of healthcare throughout the state. Programs concerning geriatrics usually revolve around a specific career goal or area of expertise. For instance, someone who pursues a degree in geriatrics and wishes to work in nursing may enter a nursing program and narrow their field down to geriatric nursing once they have complete the general education requirements that are usually done through the associate program.

The state of West Virginia is devoted to proper treatment of geriatric citizens. The state itself offers resources to seniors in an effort to prevent seniors from being taken advantage of. This is an indication that there are ample opportunities even in the legal field for those interested in geriatrics.

Students will learn about West Virginia laws concerning seniors, the process of aging, what type of behavior to expect from illnesses associated with the process of aging and the reporting requirements for suspected abuses of seniors in West Virginia.

No matter which field a student plans to work within using geriatric skills, they should be personable, observant, and of good moral character. The goal of working in a geriatric setting should be to help seniors to develop and maintain a high quality of life, no matter what their situation.

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