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West Virginia Gerontologist Salaries - WV

Those who have studied gerontology have usually studied subjects in another field as well, whether it is administration, or a specific field of medicine. Since they are so well educated, gerontologists can expect a salary that will reflect this unique level of erudition.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics offers that the average gerontologist salary in West Virginia is $231,000. With over 20% of the population of West Virginia being over 65, there is plenty of room for growth and development within the geriatric field. No matter what position a gerontologist holds, they can expect that their gerontologist certification will benefit them financially.

Whether in a small facility or a non-profit agency, gerontologists can expect their salary to differ based on location. For instance, the average salary for Wheeling is $124,000; Parkersburg is $160,000, while both Charleston and Huntington pay an average of $176,000 yearly to gerontologist physicians.

One way to start out in geriatrics is to take a position in a large facility. This method allows the potential gerontologist to gain some experience working with the elderly, as well as with other age groups, so that they can determine whether they are a good fit for the geriatric field. Some of the larger facilities that would offer employment opportunities in West Virginia would include Charleston Area Medical Center, Ruby Memorial Hospital, Wheeling Hospital and Saint Mary’s Medical Center.

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