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West Virginia Medical Technician Education and Degrees

West Virginia offers a most lucrative average salary for individuals who are certified as Medical Technicians.  For people who enjoy working in laboratories and conducting detailed medical testing, this is the perfect career for them to venture into. West Virginia has an average salary for Medical Technicians that exceeds the national average salary in this professional field by $15, 000! The average Medical Technician in West Virginia receives a salary of $50,000 while the average national level is $35,000. That’s quite a difference in salaries and makes West Virginia a desirable place to be if one is in the field of medical technology.

West Virginia happens to be one of the states that require Medical Technicians to be licensed within the state, taking things one step further than national certification. In order to obtain this license, the individual needs to begin by obtaining a minimum of an associate level degree from an online or campus based West Virginia medical technician training program accredited by the American Society for Clinical Pathologists.

The educational expectations of those working toward licensing as a Medical Technician in West Virginia are based primarily in Math and Science. Any person seeing to work in this profession would do well to begin by taking science and math classes in high school as a way to prepare for future college courses. Some of the science classes that should be taken are chemistry and biology as these will also be required during the college experience. Mathematics classes such as functional mathematics and algebra will also be necessary. Students should also expect to take courses in medical terminology. The associate degree in medical technology must include a practicum or a clinical rotation to meet the educational requirements that are set forth as necessary to obtain certification and thus be eligible for licensure in the state of West Virginia.

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