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Medical Transcriptionist Salary in West Virginia - WV

West Virginia Medical Transcription Salaries

The West Virginia medical transcriptionist salary is usually around $39,000 each year. While this is only an estimated average, many medical transcriptionists with years of experience earn a great deal more than the average.

In addition, this profession typically pays by line count. This means that the more lines you can type each day, the more money that you will make. As you can see, if you continue to learn about this profession and can learn to be more productive, your income potential is truly unlimited.

These are some of the average salaries of the major cities in West Virginia:

  • Charleston: $36,000
  • Huntingdon: $44,000
  • Parkersburg: $33,000
  • Morgantown: $40,000
  • Weirton: $23,000
  • Fairmont: $33,000
  • Beckley: $36,000
  • Clarksburg: $36,000
  • Martinsburg: $30,000


The Association of Healthcare Documentation Integrity,

AHDI Continuing Education Requirements

Not only will your employer expect you to continue your education, but the AHDI will not allow you to keep your RMT or CMT status if you have not. As an RMT, you must have completed one online course of study every three years. CMTs are required to take 30 continuing education credits every three years. This is important because medicine and medical transcription are two constantly changing professions.

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