Midwife Salary in West Virginia - WV

Midwives' Salaries in West Virginia - WV

West Virginia Midwife Salary

Midwives in West Virginia are way ahead of many other states when it comes to salary. In fact, midwives’ salaries in West Virginia typically range between $116,000 and $119,000 per year, much higher than the national average of $79,000 to $89,000. But why are midwives in West Virginia paid so well? Remember that the incidence of at-home births increased by 17.4% over a 3-year period; all of this while some other states were seeing either single-digit increases or even double-digit declines.

Part of the reason that midwifery has become more of a mainstream medical profession in West Virginia is the continuous advocacy of well-known organizations like the Midwives Alliance of West Virginia and the West Virginia Friends of Midwives. Groups like these have taken a strong stance on educating the public about the health and safety benefits of at-home birth, as well as the historical factors that make the nature of home birthing possible. With all of this advocacy and an inherent decision among women in West Virginia to pursue home birthing options, it makes for a strong career outlook and above-average income.

One of the major factors with the potential to influence income is location. Here you will find salaries for nurse-midwives in West Virginia listed by city:

  • Huntington: $93,000
  • Parkersburg: $81,000
  • Charleston: $93,000

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