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Nuclear Medicine Technologist Schools in West Virginia - WV

Students searching for nuclear medicine technologist schools in West Virginia will be pleased to find several program options available to them through both state and private universities, technical and community colleges, and university hospitals. By completing a formal education program in nuclear medicine technology, students can be awarded a Certificate in Nuclear Medicine, an Associate Degree in Nuclear Medicine Technology, an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Nuclear Medicine Technology, or even a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Medical Technology. Students complete the certificate program in just twelve months, while the associate degree programs are twenty four months in length, and the bachelor degree program is forty eight months in length.

Although an associate degree is the standard level of education acquired by most nuclear medicine technologists, employers may favor employees with advanced degrees. Although the curriculum requirements for each program differs, students can expect most programs to involve classroom-based theory education along with applied clinical experience in a health care setting (supervised clinical rotations) performing the tasks of a nuclear medicine technologist. Some actual classes found in nuclear medicine technology programs in West Virginia include: In Vitro Studies, Introduction to Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear instrumentation, Nuclear Medicine Technology Procedures, Mathematics for the Radiologic Sciences, Radiation Physics for Medical Imaging, Atomic and Nuclear Physics, and Radiochemistry.  

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