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West Virginia Healthcare Informatics Salary - WV

There are many factors that can influence nurse informatics salary in West Virginia. For instance, although at least a baccalaureate degree in nursing is required for certification, individuals that continue to acquire even higher levels of formal education (master, post-master, and doctorate) can increase salary earning potentials. Furthermore, salary expectations tend to rise as work experience in nurse informatics expands. Changing trends in the industry may also cause changes in West Virginia nursing informatics salary. In fact, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates that nurse informatics will experience an employment growth rate of 20% between the years 2008 and 2018. This shift in employment will open up literally tens of thousands of job positions nationwide, benefiting jobseekers throughout West Virginia. Changes in employment trends usually also trigger changes in salary averages. Right now, the average salary for nurse informatics in the United States is $74,000/yr.

However, in West Virginia, the average salary is closer to $91,000/yr. Clearly, geographic location is also a determining factor in salaries. To illustrate how drastically salary averages can differ between geographic locations, here are the salary averages for the five largest cities in West Virginia:

Charleston:  $73,000/yr
Huntington:  $73,000/yr
Parkersburg:  $68,000/yr
Wheeling:  $54,000/yr
Morgantown:  $83,000/yr

*Salary statistics are courtesy of indeed.com

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